How’s your Social Media presence?

How’s your Social Media presence?

20130120-120211What is your businesses Social Media presence? What are your reasons for being active is social media?

According the Adam Sarner, The top five reasons businesses are involved are:

  1. Strengthen Relationship with Customer
  2. Enhance Brand Awareness or Brand Preference
  3. Share Information and Ideas With Customers, Suppliers and Partners
  4. Establish Interactive Relationship With Customers
  5. Increase My Organisation’s Revenue Through New Products, Customers
    Adam points out that while these aims are important, it is also important to plan how to measure the effectiveness of you Social Media in a useful and meaningful way.

Goals and Targets are as important in this context a they are in your other business and personal life. Adam says:

Marketers must tie social strategy objectives to marketing and corporate strategy — for example, if the corporate goal is to “decrease customer churn by 5%” then explore how a social marketing initiative such as strengthen relationship with customers” will support that corporate goal, and how the results will be measured. While it will be okay to still encourage experimental use of social applications, which can create future unforeseen benefits, they should come with a timeline for observing direct business value.

Does your business have a “Social Media” team (or person) How do you measure their effectiveness?

Are there any services available which will help you engage with your customers and can they help you monitor and measure your performance? Please comment below…

You can read Adam’s full block post over at his blog.