Kick off for 2013

Kick off for 2013

20130119-192828This morning was our first breakfast for 2013.

It seems business in Bunbury is booming, or at least within the membership of Network Bunbury. A common thread in our discussions this morning has how well 2013 had started. In fact, several members have advised they had so much work on that they couldn’t attend. From Real Estate to Web design, there seems to be a lot of work out there.

The start of a new year is a time for change. It’s with great sadness we say goodbye to John Williams from CTS and Dom Marzano from Psycorp. Their input and friendship will be missed. Michael Flynn has moved on from Staples and will be replaced in the near future.

A small turn out this morning with several members still on leave. We look forward to next fortnight when everyone should be back on board.

Remember, our AGM will be held on 15th February. Please plan to attend.